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I graduated out of UC Davis with a PhD in Computer Science the Department of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis, USA, advised by Prof. Prasant Mohapatra. I work on problems concerning radio resource management and Quality-of-Service provisioning in next-generation OFDMA cellular networks, such as 3GPP LTE-Advanced, from theory, simulations and systems perspectives. Particularly, I focus on 4G+/5G technologies on both the radio access network (RAN) as well as the mobile user modem. I have published on the design of cross-layer optimization algorithms for advanced RAN architecture, LTE systems prototyping and deployment, networking and link simulations, numerical analysis and performance evaluation. I've had a citation count of 210 (till Aug 1) over my 6 years of research career and I was awarded an Honorable Mention in recognition of my outstanding graduate research by the department of CS at UC Davis.

I'm joining AT&T labs Research, San Ramon, CA, as a Senior Member of Technical Staff in Jan 2017.


My areas of expertise include:

Relevant Graduate Courses: Network Theory, Algorithm design and optimization, Computer Networks, Special Topics on Next-Generation LTE and WiMAX networks, Performance Evaluation, Networking Architecture and Resource Management, Operation System Models, Computer Architecture, Computer Security, Network Planning, Design and Optimization, Finite Model Theory.


During PhD, I have had internship experiences in some of the most-competitive top-notch research labs in the industry (relevant to my Ph.D thesis), which include:

  1. Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK) during Spring 2016 where I was working with Bozidar Radunovic in the Networking and Systems research group on characterizing VoLTE traffic in LTE unlicensed TV White Space band for achieving low latency in 5G networks.

  2. Intel Labs (Santa Clara, CA) during Summer 2015 in the Micro-architecture design research labs on the efficient and flexible design of MIMO-MMSE receivers for LTE MODEMs and their implementation/prototyping on a software-defined radio.

  3. NEC Laboratories (Princeton, NJ) during Summer 2014 where I was working with Karthik Sundaresan and Mustafa Arslan in the Mobile Communications and Networking Research group on the design of efficient algorithms for video broadcasting over LTE single frequency networks,

  4. AT&T Research (Florham Park, NJ) during Summer 2013 where I was working with Ioannis Broustis and Vaneet Aggarwal (currently, with Purdue University) in the Networking and Services Quality Research group on the design of efficient eICIC algorithms to mitigate macro-small cell interference in LTE-Advanced systems supporting Carrier Aggregation,

  5. Broadcom (Sunnyvale, CA) during Summer 2012 where I was working with Kamlesh Rath (currently, with Quantenna communications) in the LTE systems engineering team on the prototyping of low-latency schedulers for uplink on both the MODEM side as well as the radio access network on real TD-LTE L2 eNB with emulated PHY.

During Fall 2012, I visited the University of New South Wales, Networks Research group, upon invitation by Prof. Sanjay Jha to study problems concerning multi-cell resource allocation in Coordinated multi-point systems, which we subsequently extended for Unlicensed LTE features in 5G, such as License-Assisted Access (LAA) and LTE-WiFi Link Aggregation (LWA). Prior to my PhD, I was working as a researcher at Embedded Systems Innovation Labs, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India for 8 months during 2010. I was interning with Prof. Abderrahim Benslimane at University of Avignon, France, from Nov-Dec 2009.


I have achieved the following honors in my PhD:

  1. I was awarded the "Honorable Mention in Recognition of Outstanding Graduate Research" by the Graduate Group of Computer Science, UC Davis, for the year 2015-16 with a cash prize of $500 USD

  2. I won the Spring Quarter 2015 GGCS Fellowship of $10,500 USD from the Graduate Group of Computer Science, UC Davis.

  3. I was nominated for AT&T's virtual university research initiative (VURI) for a PhD fellowship of $30,000 USD for 2013-14.

  4. I have had a publication citation count of 210 till date, spanning over my PhD career from 2011. My conference publications in PhD have been in highly-selective venues with less than 25% acceptance rates. I have won NSF, IEEE/IFIP and UC Davis-sponsored travel grant awards in all my conference participations.

I was awarded the Best Undergraduate project/thesis award for my Bachelors from the Department of CS, Pondicherry Engineering College, during my undergrad.

PUBLICATIONS (As of August 1, 2016)

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Multi-Interface support for LTE user nodes in NS3 LENA, LTE Carrier Aggregation Module in NS3 LENA, Enhanced Inter-cell Interference (eICIC), with macro blanking support, for LTE-A in NS3 LENA, Log-normal Shadowing support (Mean = 0, SD = 6.5 dB) for Log-Distance path loss model between any UE-eNB pair for NS3 LENA Software (Dropbox Link) GitHub


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