Stanley Tzeng

Stanley Tzeng
Engineering Computer Science
University of California, Davis


  stzeng at ucdavis dot edu

I have graduated from University of California, Davis in 2013. I am now working at NVIDIA. I was very fortunate to work with Prof. John Owens for my PhD.

Before moving to Davis, I did my masters and undergraduate studies at Columbia University. I received my B.S. in Computer Science in May 2005 and my M.S. in 2007.

As a graduate student, I have also interned at Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Research Redmond, Intel, and Pixar Animation Studios. I have had the rare opportunity to have very talented and caring mentors who taught me how to do research. At these internships I have worked with Li-Yi Wei, Brandon Lloyd, and Aaron Lefon (and the ART Team).

Thanks to Anjul Patney for the html design! He is far more into aesthetics of HTML than I am.

Here's my CV (PDF). It was last updated in December 2013.

Research Interests

The focus of my work has been GPU Computing. Specifically, I am interested in task-parallel programming approaches on the GPU and seeing how they map onto data-parallel hardware. I am also interested in graphics and seeing how graphics and task-parallelism work on the GPU.

To program the GPU, I have used GLSL, CUDA and OpenCL in that order chronologically.


My dissertation title is: Scheduling on Maycore and Heterogeneous Graphics Processors

Tzeng:2012:HPD High-Quality Parallel Depth-of-Field Using Line Samples
Stanley Tzeng, Anjul Patney, Andrew A. Davidson, Mohamed S. Ebeida, Scott A. Mitchell, and John D. Owens
High-Performance Graphics, June 2012
Note: the image is from me playing around with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mesh files and loading them into our renderer. The image is Alduin rendered using our Depth-of-Field implementation. Click on the image to see the full size.
Patney:2010:FPC Fragment-Parallel Composite and Filter
Anjul Patney, Stanley Tzeng, and John D. Owens
Computer Graphics Forum, 29(4), 1251-1258, June 2010 (EGSR 2010)
Project | EG | Slides
Tzeng:2010:TMF Task Management for Irregular-Parallel Workloads on the GPU
Stanley Tzeng, Anjul Patney, and John D. Owens
In Proceedings of High Performance Graphics 2010, June 2010
Project | EG | Slides
Tzeng:2008:PWN Parallel White Noise Generation on a GPU via Cryptographic Hash
Stanley Tzeng, and Li-Yi Wei
In Proceedings of the 2008 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics and games, February 2008

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