Hi!! :)

My name is Nima. I work on The Cell-centric Augmentation of The Spreadsheet Grid.

I am a software designer and a graduate student, creating novel programming environments that are friendly to folks who do not have a degree in Computer Science.

My PhD work is guided by Zhendong Su and John Owens.

Currently I'm focusing on creating a new spreadsheet environment, similar to Excel or Google Sheets, yet different. My spreadsheet environment provides support for new kinds of values inside cells, which differentiates it from existing commercial electronic spreadsheets.

Please visit this webpage again for demos of my spreadsheet environment. :)
Early screenshot of A1 Minicell

I got my B.Sc in Computer Science from University of Tehran (2014).

I used to teach Prolog in my past life!!

Here is a playlist of short videos on basic Logic Programming using Prolog.

Sync with me on Twitter, though I maintain a protected account.

Mail address

johari 🐈 ucdavis 🐶 edu

Snail Mail address

Department of Computer Science
2249 Kemper Hall
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8562   USA